Man Friday

Your personal Twitter servant to guide you through the painful process of doing your Follow Fridays.

First there was the Follow Friday, and it was good. But then came follower after follower and it became a hassle to keep track of who of your burgeoning stream was worthy of a special mention. Followers demanded to know why they did not get a mention, and even more and more Follow Friday lost it's sparkle.

Fret no more, for your faithful servant ManFriday is here to take the strain. At a click of a button, ManFriday will read back through your tweets and track every unique @mention you make. Sorted into order ManFriday presents (as seen to the left) a list of your Top 10 tweeters in the past 7 days and some basic statistics.

Someone you have to dedicate an FF to that isn't in the list? ManFriday allows you to add a "Favourite" tweeter who will always get an FF mention, come rain or shine. Fall-out with someone and don't want them to appear in your dedications? ManFriday is clever enough to see who you have blocked and will automatically exclude them.

ManFriday obviously needs to login to your account, and uses OAuth to do this, so once you click the button to sign in to Twitter, you will be redirected away from ManFriday to allow access from the website - don't worry, you will be bought back safely!

Put the love back into Follow Friday with ManFriday.
screenshot screenshot