who do you follow?

if you have already authorised this app, it may mean that you have cleared your cookies or are using a different computer, in which case, please re-authenticate on this machine - the process will be painless, I promise

what is this?

this tool is developed to keep track of the people that you follow.


well, not all of the people you un-follow were un-followed because you decided to un-follow them, sometimes twitter decides to be "helpful" and will un-follow people for you without you knowing. this tool will check once a day for people you have un-followed and then notify you as to who they are.

simples, eh?

sounds alright, how do I get started?

well, first things first, you need to authorise my app so that it can access your tweets - don't panic, I only read them and I will never send any tweets on your behalf without first asking you if you are ok with that

so what are you waiting for...

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