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note to protected users: you will need to accept my request to follow you or you will not be able to send me DMs when you are in jail.

so you just ended up here cos someone you follow recommended that you follow @JailWatcher on twitter. wondering what it is all about? ok, I will explain.

probably the person who recommended jail watch to you sends a lot of tweets, so much that they hit the update status limit, otherwise known as ending up in twitter jail.

what jail watch does, once it is requested, is send a tweet to let you know that someone you follow is in jail and not just ignoring you. and if you never end up in jail, that is all you need to know about jail watch as a service. however, if you do, read on...

when you land in twitter jail, all you need to do is send a specially formed DM @JailWatcher and it will respond accordingly. I shall explain the DM format to you now...

D JailWatcher jailed

this is the simplest message that you can send and what this does is that sends a tweet from @JailWatcher saying that you are in jail - if your followers follow jail watch then they will be notified.

D JailWatcher jailed n:user_one,user_two,etc

as not all of your followers will follow me and know of your predicament, if you send a DM of the form above then not only will it send a general tweet, but it will also send tweets directly to up to five followers telling them that you are in jail.

D JailWatcher jailed j:my_jail_account

if you have a jail account then you can tell your followers where it is by sending a DM like the one above - thus allowing you to continue your conversations seamlessly.

you may of course combine these two "commands" so that you notify individual users of where your jail account is.

oh, and don't hate on it just cos it is a bot - this one will never spam you, has no access to your account and only wants to help when you have tweeted too much!

one more thing... send a DM like the one below to change what is delivered to your cell...

D JailWatcher order Whatever you want to have delivered
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